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Information Installation Page 2 Guarantee

You need more water
When you need more time than the set, for example for watering the garden or washing the car, the BA-stop well short of the water supply.
To continue, all you have to do is close the shot so that the pipe pressure may occur again. After 10 to 40
second (depending on the length of the pipe network) you can use water again. Of course this only applies when the BA-stop is in position
"O" (see: adjustment after installation. Point B. 3)
Break in the pipe
In a weekend can go 80,000 liters of water () by a broken pipe in V1. "With the BA-stop is not possible. The short supply in 10
second in case of breakage, only the amount of water in the pipes that had escaped after the BA-stop work, so that the closure
may take time to manifest.

The device must be inspected at least once a year for a plumber or technician. If during a long period of time has not been used
or has only been used very little water (eg during holidays), may have accumulated dirt. In that case recommend to flush
plenty of water for a while the device is self-cleaning.

No water
'The stopcock is closed.
and supply water to the tap is broken.
and Improper installation (see Section 11.3).
'Timer (2) is completely in position' - '(minimum)
"The adjustment screw OIC (1) is in closed position
'It has not been made (yet) the (re) opening (manual or automatic).
'The filter will eventually be installed before the machine is jammed.
The closure occurs immediately
and timer (2) is completely *-* (minimum)
'Water consumption is GreaterThan protection of breakage.
The reopening takes too long to occur automatically.
. The adjustment screw is too (1) turned to position "C".
- The network of water pipes after the BA-stop is too long.
'A small leak in the water
Reopening does not occur automatically
. There is a leak in the pipe.
e There is a tap.
"The OIC screw (1) is set to 'C'.
Closing does not occur
or water consumption is too small
'The water is too dirty.
'Not followed the installation instructions (see A)