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Information Installation Guarantee

The Bonaqua-stop reduces the damage caused by the overflowing water. Almost immediately after a break occurs in the supply of water, the BA-stop will cut the supply.
The Bonaqua-stop prevents unnecessary water consumption. According to the previously set time (which may
be 15 to 120 minutes) supply is cut when there is:
· A leak in the pipe
· An uninterrupted water consumption (for example, a tap running)
· Read this instruction sheet, prior to installation!

The BA-stop is adequate for most homes equipped with a water pipe with average number of shots, to
the protection of a pipeline with a larger number of shots it may be necessary to install more BA-stops. Consult your dealer.
When the BA-stop is installed in a completely pure drinking water pipeline. the device can stick. In that case you should install a filter before the BA-stop.

1. Install the BA-stop on the mainline, as close as possible to the stopcock (next user).
NB 1: If there is an installation of fire suppression (fire sprinkler), should mount the BA-
stop after the (T-tube) of the same.
NB 2: In buildings with a water tank the BA-stop can be placed before the first shot,
provided that it is at least two feet down for the deposit.
2. The BA-stop can only be installed horizontally, with thyme (2) setting pointing
3. The direction of the arrow in the BA-stop (3) must match the direction the water flows in pipe.
The Bonaqua-stop is made of synthetic material
· Do not drop the device. May be damaged.
· Mount the apparatus without tension
· Tighten by hand, avoiding the use of: pliers, welding machines.
· Do not expose the BA-stop at temperatures <OgrC or> 30grC.
· BA-stop is not electrically conductive. When ncmtas security so require, shall be install a grounding,

1. Set BA-stop using the spanner provided.
2. Close the tap! (Adjusting for consumption of water may damage the device).

Regulation of automatic or manual reopening
3. Adjust the automatic or manual re-opening of BA-stop incerlando the thin end of the key (5) in the
thyme (1) adjustment of positions O / C
a. To reopen automatically, turn the key to the left, in derección 'O', This position is
filtering a fine water Chorten (leakage current), after closing for the BA-stop, it is necessary
to enable the automatic reopening. The more you regulate BA-stop direction "O", the "current
leakage "will be higher, and reaperturaldel supply) will occur more quickly. (Ojol: also
"Said leakage" can cause overflows).
b. For the manual reopening, turn the key clockwise direction "C". In this position the device
must be opened manually after the close control by turning the key in the address 'O'. With the
apparatus in position 'C' there is no "leakage current".

Adjust timer
4. To set the timer, INSERT the thick end of the key (6) adjusting the mechanism of
timer + / - (it has no grading scale). Each quarter turn is a click. Each click
equivalent to NGOs. 15 minutes. Rotate until you have achieved the desired range:
- = Minimal 'approximately 0 minutes (- turn left)
+ = Max 'approximately 2 hours (+ turn right)

The short-stop Bonaqua water supply after the lapse of time previously regulated. Therefore,
the shorter the set time, the less the damage. But look you can not avoid
never completely the damage caused by water.
5. (Turn on pass)
6. If you have to regulate new BA-stop, start again at point B, 1.

Normal water consumption
A quick reopening automatic is more convenient for domestic use, which is usually put
device in the "O", despite the greater "leakage current"
But for professional use, is usually preferred position ("C")
With Bonaqua-stop set to 30 minutes, no note, with domestic consumption nomial, the device
installed, however, if a tap is open or if a leak is exceeded the set time,
counting the water supply. >>Continued Page 2