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Information Installation Guarantee

The Bonaqua-stop has been made with care according to current ISO standards. The warranty period lasts 24 months from delivery.
If a fault occurs during the warranty period, you should notify the dealer. The device should be sent to the place where French is performed YQPQFEOIOTI-
If the fault turns out to be a consequence of poor quality materials or a lack of construction, the device will be repaired or replaced free po another.
It is the discretion of the manufacturer. The manufacturer is only liable against the dealer for any defects, ruling out any other responsibilities
against third parties.
The warranty ceases if:
- The failure happens during transport
'The device was not attached to a network of pipes for drinking water, according to the rules
intemaoionales force. is properly purified
° The installation instructions were not followed precisely oo
'Do not use the Bonaqua-stop for its intended purpose or used improperly
'The numbers have changed or removed or seals
° The repairs have been executed by inexperienced staff
At the expiry of the warranty period ends all responsibility and manufacturer.

Level Normal working pressure: 0.5 "10bar (7.5150psi)
Level Maximum working pressure: 16 bar (240 psi)
Level test pressure: 25 bar (375 psi)
Temperature: 1 to + 30 degrees
Flow: 15 - 2800 liters per hour
Pregjón loss, up to 0.5 bar
Coupling: 3 / 4 "
Weight: Approx, 0.600 kg
Construction: High quality synthetic material melted at high pressure, safe and sound