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Information Installation Instructions

The dispenser

Adds to the water a quantity ± 5 PPM of Silico polyphosphate for anti-tartar protection and anti-corrosion

* Simple installation
* No maintenance
* Works without electricity
* Precise dosing
* Duration of life of the cartridge = ± 35 m3 (35,000 liters)
* Pursuant to the requirements for drinking water
* Supplied with internationally approved safety valve
* Patented: end of cartridge indicator to warn of the replacement of the system dosage
Various applications:
* Installation of drinking water:
to remove sand and debris from water.
* Calafacción:
permanent circulation to clean water and to remove particles of iron and others.
* Installation of irrigation:
to filter water from irrigation.

How does the BON AQUA 2010 dispenser work?

Bonaqua2010 adds a small amount of Silico polyphosphate 5 ppm (parts per million) to the water preventing scale and corrosion. This safe way of treating (drinking) water is in line with the intemational standards for drinking water according to the EC standard (EN 1208) regulations within the FAQ/OMS. The BA2010 system features an intemationally approved check valve and prevents lime deposits on bathroom fittings, valves, water heaters, washing machines, etc.
It also protects the pipes against corrosion and stops limescale build up because the dispensed product forms a protective film on the inner walls of the pipes. Also, the already formed crust formation / oxidation in The lines is largely resolved and further damage is prevented. Patented mechanism prevents under dosage or overdose and located inside the cartridge.
The cartridge has a lifespan of over 35 m3 (35,000 liters) and is very easy to replace. The dosing mechanism will always pass the correct dose into the water. When replacing the cartridge the automatic calibration mechanism is automatically replaced ensuring the accuracy of the dosing. The dosing system works very quickly after installation, within a few days you will already feel the results.

Installation and maintenance / replacement of the BQN AQUA 2010

BON AQUA 2010 does not use electricity, a brief amount of water is enough to install the device.
The system is very compact, only 21 cm (h) by 7.5 cm (d) and decreases during assembly only 11.5 cm in the pipeline to complete. Preferably, the device be installed as near to where the water enters the house or after the water meter. This gives you the maximum protection and protects more of your pipes.
Since the dispenser uses no electricity the system requires virtually no maintenance. The red ball in the dosage cartridge works as a level meter and indicates when the cartridge should be replaced (about 35,000 liters). Replacing the cartridge is very simple. The short (one to several minutes) closure of the water supply
at the front of the dispensing system is sufficient.