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The pre-filter system is equipped with an internationally approved non-return valve and stainless steel cartridge is almost self-cleaning, andl therefore virtually maintenance free. Placement of the filter is easily realized. (See Figure 1 t / m 6). For optimum performance of your dispensing system, Instalation of a prefilter BA2010 is advised

The BA2010 Dispenser
The concentrations of calcium and magnesium in water determines the degree of hard water or soft water.
The more calcium and magnesium ions, the harder the water. Hard water causes a lot of problems which you will undoubtedly recognize, a defect heater in the washing machine, dull glass from the dishwasher, a clogged shower head and lime deposits on plumbing, tiles and shower enclosures. The BA2010 dosing system protects your entire system against corrosion and limescale.

How does the BA2010 work
The dispenser adds a small amount of alkaline phosphates and silicates (max, 5 ppm = parts per million)
to tap water to avoid the build up of lime and prevent corrosion. This safe ad secure way of treating (drinking) water is consistent with international standards for drinking water according to the EC standard (EN 1208) which falls within the rules of the FAQ /WHO.
The BA2010 is dispensing with an internationally approved check valve and prevents calcium and magnesium salt deposits in sanitary facilities. It also protects pipes, taps, water heaters, washers, etc. It also protects pipes from corrosion since the product applies a protective coating on the inner walls of pipes. Also largely eliminates the scale / rust in the pipes, avoiding further damage.

The dosing mechanism, located inside the cartridge, preventing jams or overdose. The cartridge has a lifespan of more than 35 m3 (35,000 liters) and is easy to reemplazar.El mechanism dosilficación always provides the correct dosage to running water. When will replace the cartridge is replaced automatic calibration mechanism / dosing, ensuring the accuracy of dosilficaciónEl dispenser works then the commissioning marchaï within a few days notice the difference.

Installation - BA2010
Ba2010 dispensing system uses no electricity, briefly closing the water supply is sufficient for the plant to
places. Bi] Preferably, the device should be placed as soon as possible after entering the house or after the water meter. This is as much of the plant protection equipment indusief

Maintanance and replacement
Because it uses no electricity metering BA2010 it requires virtually no maintenance. The red ball in the dispensing cartridge is as a level meter indicates when the cartridge must be replaced (about 35,000 liters). The replacement of the cartridge is very simple. The short (one to several minutes) close the water supply at the front of the system is sufficient. Follow the advice of your waterleidingbedrijf about flushing water lines after a period (eg vacation)

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