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filtros de aguaExplora las posibilidades, desde filtros de sobremesa y de fregadero a filtros de “inline” para neveras, frigoríficos, etc.

filtros de casaCompre un equipo de filtración para toda la casa y disfrute de agua limpia en cualquier lugar.



Dispenser against limescale and corrosion

aguaThe quality of water is not alwasy guaranteed. Obviously you want to enjoy pure clean drinking water. The path from the source to the consumer is long and on the way water accumulates particles of dirt and debris, causing wear, leaks and corrosion. In addition, water quality is affected. To keep the water clean and protect the equipment, we recommend installing a filter, the prefilter BA2010 to prevent entry of dirt particles in the pipes.

The installation of a prefilter improves the quality of drinking water and prolongs the life of faucets, pipes and appliances in the bathroom.



El Bonaqua - stop

Safety valves for power savings without

agua stopReduce the damage caused by the overflowing water.

Avoids wasted water.

According to the previously set time (which may be 15 to 120 minutes) supply is cut when there is:

* A leak in the tubing
* Uninterrupted water consumption (for example, a tap running)




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